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Model Productions USA, Inc. scouts the top talent and models in the US. Model Productions is one of the nation's top booking & placement agencies, producing models for the fashion industry and promoting talent to the film industry. Founded in 1982, our staff is now introducing our second generation of professional scouts & bookers, dedicated to preserving the integrity of our industry. Our models have walked the catwalk in New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. They have represented designers Calvin Klein, Mui Mui, Versace', as well as many others. Our Talent has been featured in Television Commercials for clients such as Chevrolet and O'Charley's, and Wendy's, and in films as far back as "Remember the Titans" and "Madia Goes to Jail" and as recent as Pirates of the Caribbean 3" and Adam Sandler's new movie, "Jack and Jill" coming out on November 11, 2011, to name a few. Model Productions has been in business for over 25 years. With our new state of the art booking program, we can now book models nation wide. As America's largest talent pool, MP represents the country's finest professional models and actors.
To see videos of the some of our Top Discoveries click here.

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